Caddington ward covers the six parishes of Hyde, Slip End, Caddington, Kensworth, Whipsnade & Studham
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

August crime figures

Courtesy of Beds Police

It is good to see that burglary figures are much reduced compared to some of the statistics that have been seen in recent times.

The Caddington figures are noticeably the highest for the ward during August.  Notwithstanding that it is by far and away the most populated of the six parishes, the underlying trend behind these crime figures indicated behaviour that we are not used to seeing so often in the rural villages.  A member of staff pushed by someone in the act of stealing from a store (giving two recorded crimes from a single incident), an unpaid taxi fare and windows smashed (although entry not gained) on vehicles, at a school and also at a private dwelling.  Someone being verbally abused when they challenged nuisance bikers and someone else found to be in possession of a lock-knife when arrested for an unrelated incident.  Add in seven recorded instances of anti-social behaviour and it is pretty unpleasant reading overall!  The majority of incidents were, in isolation, fairly low level crimes when compared to the profile for nearby large urban areas but I do hope that the overall picture is an unfortunate blip rather than a true indicator of what can be expected in Caddington.

It is also worth noting that, once again, vehicle crime recorded in the ward usually refers to thefts of bags, coats or other valuables from parked vehicles.  Leave nothing worth taking on display!