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Monday, 3 March 2014

Police & Crime Commissioner

My colleague Cllr Stay has been commenting on some of the recent crime figures parish by parish.  Those for Slip End are pleasingly low and those for Hyde are actually down at nil recorded in January 2014.  Sadly, the next published set of data for Caddington will be less pleasant reading given the recent spate of burglaries and personal attacks.

In response to recent enquiries, included below is a reminder of how to contact Olly Martins, the Police and Crime Commissioner.  He was elected in 2011 when this new role was created.

Copy of postcard handed out on behalf of PCC Martins
 To correct a few common misconceptions, Commissioner Martins represents the whole Bedfordshire force (not just Luton) and the Police Force set their own precept and budgets.  Central Bedfordshire Council's role in the police budget is simply collecting the precept alongside council tax; the council has no further role in setting police priorities or budgets and the police are no more answerable to elected members than they are to any other member of the public.

Operational matters remain with the Chief Inspector and her officers; it is not the role of a Police and Crime Commissioner to deploy personnel to specific duties or places.  The PCC does, however, take a strong part in deciding priorities and how to deliver effective policing within the available budgets.  Commissioner Martins is in place to represent the people and strengthen links between Police and communities; if you feel you need change in your community, then engage with Olly Martins.  He wants to hear from you and has the power to shape policing in Bedfordshire for the future.

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