Caddington ward covers the six parishes of Hyde, Slip End, Caddington, Kensworth, Whipsnade & Studham
Individual parish council websites (where available) can be reached by clicking on the names aboves.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Annual Parish meetings

Each Parish Council within the ward also holds an annual parish meeting (this is a legal requirement) around this time of year.  My colleague Richard Stay attended Studham last week and we were both at Kensworth last week and then Caddington last night.  Others are still to come before the end of May.

Parish meetings are a great opportunity to take a look back at what has been happening in the area over the last year and what is being planned for the future.  This applies not just to the local parish council, but there are also sometimes presentations from CBC Councillors, the Police, local schools and other organizations.

It was good to see several members of the public at these meetings.

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