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Monday, 16 June 2014

If it looks wrong, phone 101

The following article was penned by Carol Brennan of Slip End; it was written for that village's Parish News but it is good general advice for everyone:

You may have heard that there had been a couple of break in’s towards the end of last month which is why the advice concerning the locking of UPVC doors has been published. There is a lot we can do to help the police, which is principally to keep an eye open and report anything suspicious by dialling 101. Remember the watch word is, “ If it looks wrong, it is wrong phone 101”.   

In last month’s Parish News you will have seen that the Community Projects Group is setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (if it looks wrong it is wrong phone 101) led by Carol Brennan and they have already had their first meeting, look out for the material which they will soon be producing. If you would like to be involved my contact details are at the back of this issue.

But what of the Police, surely they are not just relying on our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (if it looks wrong, it is wrong phone 101)?  The question was put to Sergeant Linda Wilson who looks after our Parish. This is what she said:
 “Joint protective services (which are departments like Roads Policing, ANPR, Dogs) have been tasked to the area in any down time they may have between commitments.

A further briefing slide has been requested for all units at Luton to make them aware and attend location in a high visibility capacity when resources allow, highlighting the vehicles stolen so they too can be targeted if seen.

PCSO’s have or are in the process of visiting all victims, and neighbouring properties where appropriate, and are also defaulting to the area when resourcing and commitments allow,

I totally understand the concerns and wish to reassure the residents we are acting on the issue”

In the meantime remember, if it looks wrong, it is wrong phone 101.

There are two points I would like to emphasise from this piece:
  1. Police DO react to crime spikes and target resources appropriately; local intelligence is always a great help to them.
  2. Don't be afraid to call 101.  Local intelligence helps the Police; sometimes enabling them to react before the crime has happened helps them even more.

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