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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Local press

Some clippings from today's Luton On Sunday:

Luton On Sunday 07-Dec-14

It is difficult to know how to react to a rise in burglaries in town in the context of what happens in rural areas.  On one hand, it would seem to demonstrate that the uncomfortably high crime figures in the villages are not an isolated problem.  Against that, the usual concern that the large town will suck in resources at the expense of rural policing raises its head once again.

LoS 07-Dec-14
Add to this overall picture separate incidents involving stabbing and shooting in the last week alone, you begin to wonder if burglary is to be relegated to a non-investigated crime recorded for statistics only as the force is committed to dealing with violent crime and threats to life.

Locally, initiatives like Neighbourhood Watch are championed and can certainly be an effective tool but the underlying worry is that the under-funded Bedfordshire force is not viable in its current format; it seems that particular concern is not going away. 

Luton On Sunday 07-Dec-14

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