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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Classic car events next weekend

A couple of recurring events in the local calendar are rolling around again next weekend and, weather permitting, are worth a visit if you haven't been before.

Luton On Sunday 07-Jun-15
The first is the opening to the public of Vauxhall's Heritage Centre in Park Street.  A permanent collection of vehicles spanning Vauxhall's 100+ years in Luton, once a year the doors are opened for all to come and see and it's free!  Whether it's one of the first cars you ever owned yourself, or memories of your Dad's car that you used to sit in the back of, chances are there will be something there that makes you feel nostalgic.

Luton On Sunday 07-Jun-15
On a similar theme, the Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group return again to Stockwood Park.  The vehicles range in original manufacturing date from 1904 to 1999 and range across rare and exotic sports cars to lovingly preserved examples of "everyday" vehicles from across the decades.  Alongside the cars, there is usually also buses, fire engines and just about every type of road vehicle.

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