Caddington ward covers the six parishes of Hyde, Slip End, Caddington, Kensworth, Whipsnade & Studham
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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Election Posters

Polling day will be with us very soon; it is important that everyone who supports the campaign actually casts their vote!
Remember the date and remind your friends.

Caddington Parish also has a parish council election on the same day.

If anyone needs help getting to the polling station, please get in touch.

Your polling card may be a useful aid, but it is not essential to vote.  If you are on the electoral register, then you will be on the list held at the polling station.

If anyone is willing and able to display a poster, please get in touch.

We have A4 & A3 copies, encapsulated to protect them from the weather, and are happy to drop one off for any supporter to display.

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