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Monday, 27 January 2014

High density housing proposals by Newlands Road (again)

I feel sure that there will be a lot more to come on this topic in the near future; I shall provide a couple of links now for those who wish to do some reading.

During 2012 a company called Templeview Developments Limited (which is controlled by Mr S Doyle, who was also a key individual in forumlating the original 'Bushwood' proposals) submitted an application to Luton Borough Council to erect a significant number of flats/maisonettes plus a small number of houses on the strip of Land between Newlands Road and the M1 motorway.  The application was refused by Luton Borough Council, a decision which was unsuccessfully fought at appeal by the applicant.  The full 2013 appeal decision can be found here .

Sadly, it would seem that this is not the end of the story and a revised application has now been submitted.  Details are available via the planning portal on the Luton Borogh Council website and searching reference 14/00015/OUT.


  1. It has nothing to do with you councillor Collins, it is outside the Caddington ward, it is not even within Central Bedfordshire council area. why are you and councillor Stay getting so up tight about something that does not concern you. Maybe you should be putting your energy into preventing the Chaulington 300 houses planning application within your own village that is what is important to the people who elected you, not something in another council area, could it be you have a hidden agenda?

    1. You are entitled to your opinion, but this proposed development is right against the boundary of my ward and would have direct effects on both Slip End and Caddington. So it has a little more than 'nothing' to do with me.

      I have every right to comment on the application (and it is only a comment from a neighbour - a different authority makes the planning decision) and have already had e-mails from constituents within my ward concerned about the implications of this proposal. Slip End Parish Council will have been sent a letter as an immediate neighbour and I fully expect that they will wish to respond.

  2. You are wrong (anonymous) - massive development on our door step has everything to do with us - I live in Caddington & all these extra people will have kids, some of which will want to come to Caddington schools. Also pressure on local roads.
    Not sure why you do not put your name to this, but the Farley Hill tower blocks look very different to the Chaul End idea.

  3. I am saying that Chaulington with over 300 houses in Caddington should be the issue for Stay and Collins, not something outside of Caddington.

    You are right Ian if this housing development in Caddington gets the go ahead with over 300 house I believe it could be as many as 400 houses, where are the children going to go to school,? you have pointed out the traffic that is going to be a big problem. we do not have the parking within the village now for the local shops. I agree with you any additional housing within Caddington is going to put a far bigger strain on the infrastructure that we have in place. The point I am making is our 2 councillors seem to be more interesting in what takes place over the border than what is taking place in their own back yard. We should be getting answer from them, not what Cllr Collins said to Mrs Christine Smiths questions and concern (Go and Speak to the GM People he said) That is what we have councillors for to find out all the pit fall, not cosy up to the GM lot who want to stick 300\400 house bang smack in Caddington and tell us nothing only the good bits. (WHAT ARE THE GOOD BITS) there is not any.

    1. If you check the timings of the original thread, you will notice that Mrs Smith asked her questions immediately ahead of the GM team holding a two day public consultation event in a venue less than 5 minutes walk from her home.

      As the team were there with the stated aim of answering questions from the public, then I don't feel it unreasonable to suggest that someone make the effort to look at the displays and talk to the people concerned to get the clearest possible answer to their concerns.

    2. Kevin
      The GM the Chaulington representatives invited Christine and myself as the editor of the cvns, to have a meeting with them on the 17th December they hired a room just for us to have a one to one at the Caddington Golf club this was designed to give us as much information as possible that you Kevin are not providing to the good people of Caddington, we were given a tour of the GM site ect
      During our conversations it was pointed out to us that Cllr Stay had made it quite clear to the GM guys that he was in favour of Chaulington (Maybe they thought this would swing us in agreement) he mentioned this was to STOP DETAILS WITHELD BY ME another lot from getting a look in.
      GM did not know what our views were on Chaulington (AND STILL DO NOT KNOW), Christine wrote to you and we know you did nothing not even raise any off the questions she put to you “WHY”.
      Please do not try to use the ploy of saying just because we live just round the corner we should have gone to speak to them that just don't stack up and I don't think the people of Caddington will see your point of view.
      Your our councillor and should speak up for us or are you our councillor??????????r.
      Christine is deeply concerned that you and Richard Stay maybe holding back the true cost to the tax payer of CBC if this Chaulington goes ahead,
      Christine wants all the facts and figures released to the community of what it going to cost them as tax payers, so they can make a decision based on facts and figures, not on the rosy picture you have been trying to sell to the villagers.
      We have been give this information our self now on just what GM are prepared to contribute toward the cost for
      Extra School Classrooms.
      Traffic Infrastructure,
      Sewage upgrade to Hyde sewage plant,
      Electric street lighting
      What % of how many affordable housing for to rent and for the elderly of Caddington
      Cost to do a survey of the site as it was an old landfill site and need to have pilling to see if its safe. And to see if there could be any subsidence in the future, etc. etc. ,
      WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN ALL THE FACTS and figures of just what GM are going to contribute.
      But I would much sooner you come clean and present the full facts not a rosy picture like you have been doing, don’t toy or insult the intelligent of the good people of Caddington Kevin
      Whatever the people of Caddington want Christine is going to support them for the right reason, not to stop another building developer from getting in on the act, for what Cllr Stay has a hidden agenda for.
      The first stages of an planning application is being presented to CBC in February, lets see what happens then
      I have always put my name to anything I write I do not and will not hide behind anoms and false names these could be written by just about anyone and are made void by the lack of courage and I will not respond to such Anom comments EVER, even from Roger Mortimer .
      Mr P B Smith editor of the

  4. I just withheld my name, not made one up, but Is Ian Mack your full real name Ian? or have you just made that one up? come on what is your real full name could it be a Roger or even a Nick maybe even David