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Monday, 20 January 2014

Slip End traffic & parking consultation

Slip End Parish Council have done a lot of work in recent times looking at traffic problems in the parish and discussing with the Police and Central Bedfordshire Highways what practical steps might be taken to alleviate the problem.  I was frustrated (but not particularly surprised) to hear from a traffic officer that speed survey results from Slip End were amongst the worst in the county.

There was a public exhibition and consultation earlier this month (see Cllr Stay's blog piece) at which Slip End residents were invited to view the displays and comment upon possible solutions; as is the way of the world, each solution carries a financial cost.

Paul Cooper, Peter Segal & Ken Crossett

Tonight saw an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council which featured a report back on the summarised replies.  Some proposals had clear support from residents whereas others divided opinion.  The ultimate decision as to which parts of the scheme to take forward fell to the councillors to decide, but they were able to discuss each area and then cast their votes based on a fair assessment of residents' wishes.

Credit is also due to my predecessor, Cllr Ruth Gammons, in helping to secure grant funding to bolster the action fund. There is still some way to go in delivering a comprehensive solution but, with firm plans in place, the agreed scheme is a realistic goal and one which Richard and I will support wherever possible.

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