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Thursday, 13 February 2014

CBC Emergency Planning Team

Central Bedfordshire Council send out regular messages via e-mail to all elected members; the recent update on flooding included information which I felt might be of use to the general public and so is reproduced below:

Advice for the public

Please find below the advice for residents who are concerned about flooding.
If residents feel the inside of their property (i.e. not garden, garage or driveway but living space) is at imminent risk of flooding they should call the Fire and Rescue Service on 999.
If residents ever feel life is at risk they should always call the Fire and Rescue Service immediately on 999.
If residents are concerned about potential flooding and how they can protect their property please direct them to read our flood guide online. This provides advice on who they should call depending on the nature of the flooding and measures they can take to protect their property.
Neither the Fire and Rescue Service or the Council have sand bags to give out to the general public, so it is important that people make suitable plans if they are concerned that their property may flood.
Residents can also report flooding or surface water on the roads or fallen trees straight to our Highways team on the Highways Helpdesk telephone number 0300 300 8049. This phone number is also available out of office hours, in case of emergencies.
How residents can keep up to date
Local residents and businesses are advised to check with the Environment Agency for the latest flood alerts and warnings. Residents can do this online www.environment‐ or call the Environment Agency’s 24‐hour Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or 0345 988 1188. People using social media can also keep up to date by following @envagencyanglia on Twitter, or using the hashtag: #floodaware.
Local residents can also check the Highways Agency website for any issues with major roads or listen to the local radio for more local information. The advice to both drivers and pedestrians is not to attempt to drive or walk through any flood water and to look out for other hazards such as fallen power lines and trees in high winds.

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