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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Luton Labour Party - who is in charge?

Local press and television news has recently included plenty of interest around alleged membership packing in areas of Luton.  If these allegations are true, the implication is that certain Councillors are boosting their own prominence within the majority party on Luton Borough Council and hence able to advance their personal agendas.  This has caused understandable concern elsewhere in the local party.

Reproduced from Luton On Sunday letters page
Not all political debate is "us versus them"; there are plenty of times that politicians from opposite sides of any debating chamber will be broadly in agreement on a particular topic.  The same can be true of dialogue between neighbouring authorities, people from different political parties being able to work towards sensible solutions on cross-border issues and problems in common.

Sadly, there is always an element (and this is true across all parts of the political spectrum) that is so entrenched in dogma that they will not flex, discuss or accommodate any views but their own.  This "all else is bad, whilst I am a champion of what is good" attitude quickly becomes very destructive.

Luton Borough Council necessarily has to work with Central Bedfordshire Council on a lot of issues; a Borough Council also needs to maintain a sensible working relationship with its MPs.  I hope that control of Luton Borough Council in the near future and certainly beyond the 2015 elections rests with those who are prepared to talk and not those who are determined to fight.

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